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ChainAuth is a solution designed to help accelerate Web 3 in Gaming and the Metaverse and has really been built out as a passion project after listening to so many of you in the FusedVR community running into the issue of how to connect your amazing games to the blockchain.

As a project forged from the ashes of developer pain points, we want to be able to document this solution and use cases to help future developers quickly bootstrap themselves into this space. And as the project continues to grow and expand, we will need help to make sure the documentation stays up to date and ensures a smooth experience for upcoming and exisiting developers. If you have suggestions for future documentation or see a bug in the exisiting documentation, please let us know either on Discord or even better if you can submit a Pull Request to the open source Github Repo for the documentation!

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Importance of Documentation

Documentation is maybe the most underappreciated but extremely vital resource for developers to efficiently use new tools, APIs, and SDKs. Documentation welcomes new developers and gets them up to speed. Documentation provides an easy access reference for exisiting developers to look up information. It is at the core of any software service and ChainAuth is no exception.